The following are the modules most commonly taken by students in the programme. Additional modules that may be available can be substituted by agreement with the programme director. These vary somewhat from year to year, but may include:


A timetable for the current year can be found here (pdf file). NOTE: There have been some recent changes for Semester 2 as follows: COMP 47680 Human Computer Interaction will have lectures from 11 to 1 on Fridays, and labs from 1 to 3 on Mondays. The latter overlaps somewhat with labs in COMP 40260 Connectionism, but students may take both modules, as the overlap appears to be manageable (HCI labs don’t require 2 hours, nor to connectionism labs) COMP 47410 Computation Creativity will run on Mondays and Thursdays (not Wednesdays) from 4 to 5. There will also be a one hour lab on either Mondays or Thursday, after the lecture. The day will be decided when class convenes. Queries to