We provide a 12 month taught programme leading to the award of an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science.  Students complete two semesters of taught modules (60 credits) and complete a substantial research project during the summer (30 credits). Part time study is possible. Part time students select from the same suite of modules, but typically take only half as many modules per semester. The project is then done in the Summer of the second year.

Who should take this degree?

Anyone interested in issues relating to the understanding of the human mind, behaviour and experience from philosophical, psychological, and computational perspectives would be well suited to this degree. Advanced computational skills are not a pre-requisite, but some familiarity with computers will be assumed. We do not require students to be able to write programs.

Every year we see very many applications from eager students that are unfortunately not appropriate for the degree we offer. Before you apply, please read this document to make sure you are not applying for an inappropriate degree.

This is not a vocational course. In the course of one year we cover a very broad range of material, thus greatly increasing the breadth of academic exposure of our students. Historically, about half of the students go on to do PhD studies, and many others look for work in research. Critically, this course will not make a psychologist out of a non-psychologist, or an IT specialist out of someone who is not an IT specialist upon entry. It will hopefully enable students to tackle research issues they might not have been able for before, and to do PhDs in areas that would not have been possible before. It also has the potential to enrich one’s engagement with a very broad range of challenging material.

Masters by Research

A two year masters by research is also available. This is suited to those who wish to engage more substantially with their own research but for whom the PhD track might be overly demanding. Entry requirements for the MSc by research are the same as for the taught masters. Inquiries about the research degree should be addressed to the programme director.

Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Science

The graduate diploma in cognitive science comprises all the taught elements of the MSc degree, but omits the research project. It can thus be completed in 2 semesters. A part time option spread over two years is also available.

Further information