Taught Masters Applications

To be admitted to the taught masters programme, applicants must demonstrate an adequate foundation in themes relevant to cognitive science. This usually takes the form of a primary degree in one of the main contributing disciplines (psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science) with a final award of 2.1 or better (or international equivalent).

Importantly, the applicant must display familiarity with some aspect of cognitive science. For example, a degree in computer science that is focussed on software engineering would not be considered adequate preparation, while the same degree, with evidence of theoretical proficiency in robotics, or human-computer interaction, would be appropriate. Decisions about the appropriateness of an applicant’s background are made on an individual basis based on the entire application.

Please note that a background in psychology may not be sufficient. Entrants to the programme are required to be critical in their understanding of psychology, and many psychology training programmes fail to produce that critical stance, making students trained in that discipline alone unsuited to engagement with the complexities of cognitive science.

Applicants also provide a statement of research interest. This is one way to demonstrate that you have some serious engagement with the themes of cognitive science.

We require two academic references (alternatives may be possible for applicants for whom the primary degree is more than 5 years in the past).  

Full details of the minimal requirements for documenting English language proficiency are provided at this web page. Applicants whose primary language is not English will have to submit evidence of either a TOEFL score of 600 or an IELTS score of 6.0 in each category, and 6.5 overall. These represent an absolute minimum and have to be strictly enforced, as the course requires a lot of written work and reading in primary literature in a variety of fields, including philosophy. Please consult the above document for full details.

Applications are made online at  Applications are accepted until mid-August for the annual programme starting in September.

Ph.D. Applications

In order to enter the PhD programme, the prospective student must first reach agreement with a staff member who will undertake the role of principal supervisor. Only when an agreement has been reached between a supervisor and an applicant can a formal application be made. Intending applicants must have a strong background in cognitive science or in one of the contributing disciplines. One way to achieve this background is through our taught masters degree.

Applicants will typically have an 2.1 honours bachelor’s degree in one of the main contributing disciplines, including but not limited to Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Neuroscience, or Linguistics. Under no circumstances will entry be allowed without a minimum of a 2.2 in a primary degree. Other application requirements are as listed above for the taught masters degree.

Applications are made online at

Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Science

Entry requirements to the Graduate Diploma are the same as those for the master’s degree. In light of the reduced research load, applicants may be admitted with somewhat less familiarity with core themes of cognitive science.

Masters in Cognitive Science by Research

Entry requirements for the MSc by research are the same as for the taught masters. Inquiries about the research degree should be addressed to the programme director.