Students pursuing the taught masters degree in cognitive science complete a substantial research project. Work on project specification and planning begins in February while much of the project work is completed during the Summer (May to August).  Part time students complete the project in their second year.

The research project begins with a short proposal drafted by the student. This proposal is developed into a workable proposal through an iterated process of critique and review.  It is expected that students will be unsure how to plan their research at the start of this process, and the final proposal should provide a solid foundation for independent research with a well defined research question.

Students flesh out their research question by preparing a 10 page literature review that motivates their research. This is submitted in mid to late May.

A short presentation of work in progress given to the class and some faculty members is conducted in June. 

The final project report is strictly limited to 10 pages and is formatted and framed as a submission to the annual AICS conference (Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science), a small national conference in which graduate students present their work. Students have the option of submitting their final report to this conference and presenting it as a poster, but this is entirely optional. The final report is due in mid August.

The literature review and the final report are the main deliverables. They are each worth 40% of the total grade. A further 5% is awarded for the presentation, and the remaining 15% is awarded based on student engagement and conduct during the project.

Students may opt to work in groups on somewhat larger projects. If interested in this option, please discuss with the programme director.