COMP 47230: Introduction to Cognitive Science for Graduate Students (2018/19)

This 12 week module will provide a selective look into a number of topics which are central to Cognitive Science. Starting with a historical overview of these relationships, the module will go on to look at topics in the study of language, learning, perception, action, and thought. Each topic will be addressed from a variety of theoretical standpoints. While much of the material in this course will shadow the presentation in COMP 20090 Introduction to Cognitive Science (Undergraduate), the level of engagement with the topics will be quite different. Students who have taken COMP 20090 may take this module, or they may substitute.


To do well in this module, you must attend the lectures. Although notes are available, they are no substitute for being in the lectures.

Texts and Readings:

There is no set textbook. Mandatory readings for each lecture will be made available through the website in the Readings and Resources page.

For each topic, there is a small set of mandatory readings. You are required to read these. There is also a larger set of further reading. This is all entirely optional, and there is far more there than you could hope to read.


There are two forms of assessment, each worth 50% of the overall mark. Both are described in this page. Essay 1 is due on Friday, November 23rd, 2018. Essay 2 is due on Friday December 14th, 2018. Please provide a hard (printed) and a soft (emailed) copy for each. Please also provide a hard copy of your main sources for Essay 1.

Basic administrative information provided in class is here.

[1] The History of Cognitive Science History Notes
Readings and Resources
[2] Language and Languaging Language Notes Readings and Resources
[3] Learning and Development
Development Notes Readings and Resources
[4] Perception Perception notes Readings and Resources
[5] Social Cognition Social Cognition notes Readings and Resources
[6] Brains Cognitive Neuroscience notes Readings and Resources
[7] Movement Movement notes Readings and Resources