Cognitive Science Lecturing Staff

The following lecturing staff are associated with the Cognitive Science programme. Not all staff members teach on the programme in any given year.

Computer Science and Informatics

Julie Berndsen Speech, Language. Computational models which support both speech recognition and speech synthesis. Language engineering.
Arthur Cater Natural Language Processing. The game of Go. Knowledge Representation.
Fintan Costello Computational models of: concept combination; classification in combined categories; creative natural language
Fred Cummins Speech, Motor Control, Dynamics, Coordination, Timing.
Mark Keane Analogy, Concept Combination. Case-based Reasoning.
Gregory O’Hare Robotics, Agents. Distributed Artificial Intelligence.
Anthony Veale Artificial Intelligence; Analogy, Metaphor, Lexical Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Conceptual Blending, WordNet.


Nuala Brady Visual perception and cognition: Natural image statistics and neural coding of form and motion; visual attention and search; hemispheric asymmetry in perceptual processing
Aidan Moran Cognitive psychology (esp. expert-novice differences); Sports psychology; Mental practice; Concentration; Cognitive styles.
Tina Hickey First Language Acquisition (especially acquisition of Irish as L1), Reading in a Second Language, Immersion education, Bilingualism and biingual families, Second language learning, Minority language maintenance (esp. Irish and migrant languages), Giftedness, Parenting and teaching only children.


Maria Baghramian Philosophy of Mind and Language
Dermot Moran Philosophy of Mind, Neoplatonism, Modern European Philosophy
James O’Shea Epistemology; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Mind.
Rowland Stout Philosophy of Action
Markus Schlosser Philosophy of Agency; Philosophy of Mind; Mental causation


Jamal Ouhalla Syntax
Feargal Murphy Semantics-Syntax interface. Psycholinguistics
Maire Ni Chiosain Phonology
Bettina Migge Sociolinguistics